ChatGPTの精度を上げる、あらゆる質問の最後に置く「命令」 優秀な壁打ち相手を作る、「チャットAI力」の高め方 - ログミー


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ChatGPT Created Its Own Puzzle Game, and You Can Play It Right Now

ChatGPT can do just about anything. It can write you a horror story about a killer clove of garlic, identify issues with your computer code, and teach you how to pronounce words in another language. It can also create new games out of thin air, and you can tr…

The Kindle Store has a prolific new author: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is listed as the author or co-author of at least 200 books on Amazon’s Kindle Store, according to Reuters. However, the actual number of bot-written books is likely much higher than that since Amazon’s policies don’t explicitly require authors to disc…

OpenAI will let developers build ChatGPT into their apps

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, announced several significant changes today. First, it’s launching developer APIs for ChatGPT and the Whisper speech-transcription model. It also changed its terms of service to let developers opt out of using …

The Good and Bad of ChatGPT in Schools

This week, WIRED and NPR team up to cover the debate about students and teachers using generative AI in the classroom.

The ChatGPT Reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade Is Coming

“Loab” was just the beginning. Artificial intelligence will soon dredge up all kinds of secret fascinations and fears.


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